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Cedric on Wendy Bell’s Radio Show

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

UPDATE: Thank you very much Wendy Bell for inviting Cedric onto your radio show today! We’ve already gotten a bunch of additional signatures on the petition. We really appreciate all the support from you and your listeners! In case you missed the interview, following is a link to Wendy’s show queued up to her chat with Cedric.


We’re pleased to announce that popular conservative talk show host Wendy Bell has invited Cedric to be a guest on her show this Friday, October 29, around 11:30am. Mark your calendars if you want to listen or watch live; otherwise, you can check out the recorded livestream later.

Listen to the live broadcast on the radio via WRTA Talk Radio 98.5 FM (Altoona, PA) or online at

Watch live on YouTube at or Facebook at

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